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  • Cod produs: DS-C9132T-MEK9
  • Producător: Cisco
  • Aparut din: 05.02.2018
  • Garanție: Maxim 5 ani

Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9

Cisco MDS 9132T, Gestionate, Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000), Raft pentru montat echipamente, 1U

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Descriere Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9

Cisco MDS 9132T. De tip Switch: Gestionate. Tip de porturi Ethernet Basic switching RJ-45: Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000), Număr de porturi Ethernet Basic switching RJ-45: 2, Cantitate porturi USB 2.0: 1, Port consolă: RS-232. Capacitatea de comutare: 1024 Gbit/s. Raft pentru montat echipamente, Factorul de formă: 1U

The next-generation Cisco® MDS 9132T 32-Gbps 32-Port Fibre Channel Switch provides high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity from the server rack to the SAN core. It empowers small, midsize, and large enterprises that are rapidly deploying cloud-scale applications using extremely dense virtualized servers, providing the dual benefits of greater bandwidth and consolidation. Small-scale SAN architectures can be built from the foundation using this low-cost, low-power, non-blocking, line-rate, and low-latency, bi-directional airflow capable, fixed standalone SAN switch connecting both storage and host ports. Medium-size to large-scale SAN architectures built with SAN core directors can expand 32-Gbps connectivity to the server rack using these switches either in switch mode or Network Port Virtualization (NPV) mode. Additionally, investing in this switch for the lower-speed (4- or 8- or 16-Gbps) server rack gives you the option to upgrade to 32-Gbps server connectivity in the future using the 32-Gbps Host Bus Adapter (HBA) that are available today. The Cisco® MDS 9132T 32-Gbps 32-Port Fibre Channel switch also provides unmatched flexibility through a unique port expansion module (Figure 2) that provides a robust cost-effective, field swappable, port upgrade option. This switch also offers state-of-art analytics and telemetry capability built into its next generation ASIC platform. The telemetry data extracted from the IO flows and computed on the switch integrated hardware, can be analyzed on-board or streamed to any Analytics visualization tool using industry leading data gRPC format, via the dedicated 10/100/1000BASE-T telemetry port.The main features of the MDS 9132T 32-Gbps 32-Port Fibre Channel Switch include:- High performance: MDS 9132T architecture, with chip-integrated nonblocking arbitration, provides consistent 32-Gbps low-latency performance across all traffic conditions for every Fibre Channel port on the switch.- Capital Expenditure (CapEx) savings: The 32-Gbps ports allow users to deploy them on existing 16- or 8-Gbps transceivers, reducing initial CapEx with an option to upgrade to 32-Gbps transceivers and adapters in the future.- High availability: MDS 9132T switches continue to provide the same outstanding availability and reliability as the previous-generation Cisco MDS 9000 Family switches by providing optional redundancy on all major components such as the power supply and fan. Dual power supplies also facilitate redundant power grids.- Pay-as-you-grow: The MDS 9132T Fibre Channel switch provides an option to deploy as few as eight 32-Gbps Fibre Channel ports in the entry-level variant, which can grow by 8 ports to 16 ports, and thereafter with a port expansion module with sixteen 32-Gbps ports, to up to 32 ports. This approach results in lower initial investment and power consumption for entry-level configurations of up to 16 ports compared to a fully loaded switch. Upgrading through an expansion module also reduces the overhead of managing multiple instances of port activation licenses on the switch. This unique combination of port upgrade options allow four possible configurations of 8 ports, 16 ports, 24 ports and 32 ports.- Next-generation Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC): The MDS 9132T Fibre Channel switch is powered by the same high-performance 32-Gbps Cisco ASIC with an integrated network processor that powers the Cisco MDS 9700 48-Port 32-Gbps Fibre Channel Switching Module. Among all the advanced features that this ASIC enables, one of the most notable is inspection of Fibre Channel and Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) headers at wire speed on every flow in the smallest form-factor Fibre Channel switch without the need for any external taps or appliances. The recorded flows can be analyzed on the switch and also exported using a dedicated 10/100/1000BASE-T port for telemetry and analytics purposes.- Intelligent network services: Slow-drain detection and isolation, VSAN technology, Access Control Lists (ACLs) for hardware-based intelligent frame processing, smartzoning and fabricwide Quality of Service (QoS) enable migration from SAN islands to enterprisewide storage networks. Traffic encryption is optionally available to meet stringent security requirements.- Sophisticated diagnostics: The MDS 9132T provides intelligent diagnostics tools such as Inter-Switch Link (ISL) diagnostics, read diagnostic parameters, protocol decoding, network analysis tools, and integrated Cisco Call Home capability for greater reliability, faster problem resolution, and reduced service costs.- Virtual machine awareness: The MDS 9132T provides visibility into all virtual machines logged into the fabric. This feature is available through HBAs capable of priority tagging the Virtual Machine Identifier (VMID) on every FC frame. Virtual machine awareness can be extended to intelligent fabric services such as analytics[1] to visualize performance of every flow originating from each virtual machine in the fabric.- Programmable fabric: The MDS 9132T provides powerful Representational State Transfer (REST) and Cisco NX-API capabilities to enable flexible and rapid programming of utilities for the SAN as well as polling point-in-time telemetry data from any external tool.- Single-pane management: The MDS 9132T can be provisioned, managed, monitored, and troubleshot using Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM), which currently manages the entire suite of Cisco data center products.- Self-contained advanced anticounterfeiting technology: The MDS 9132T uses on-board hardware that protects the entire system from malicious attacks by securing access to critical components such as the bootloader, system image loader and Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface.

Specificații tehnice Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9

Număr de porturi Ethernet Basic switching RJ-45 2
Tip de porturi Ethernet Basic switching RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000)
Port consolă RS-232
Tehnologie de cablare fibră cupru 10BASE-T,100BASE-T,1000BASE-T
Gigabit Ethernet (cupru) cantitatea porturile 2
Porturile canal Fibre 8
Cantitate porturi USB 2.0 1
Lărgime 510,8 milimetri
Adâncime 439,4 milimetri
Înălţime 43,7 milimetri
Greutate 9,1 kilograme
Puterea consumată 650 W
Tensiune AC intrare 100 - 240
Frecvență de intrare AC 50/60
Interval de temperatură de funcţionare (T-T) 0 - 45 °C
Intervalul de temperatură pentru depozitare -40 - 70 °C
Interval relativ operaţional de umiditate 10 - 90%
Gama de stocare umiditate relativă 10 - 95%
Altitudinea de operare -60 - 2000 m
Suport 10G Da
Capacitatea de comutare 1024 Gbit/s
Algoritmul de securitate suportat AES,SNMPv3
Listă de Control Acces (ACL) Da
De tip Switch Gestionate
Sistemul de jurnalul de evenimente Da
Inspecție ARR Da
Conector cu fibră optică SFP+
Raft pentru montat echipamente Da
Culoarea produsului Gri
Factorul de formă 1U
Direcție flux de aer Flux de aer din spate-în-față
Numărul de ventilatoare 2 ventilator(ventilatoare)
Certificare CE, UL, CSA
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Suport Nu

* Specificațiile tehnice si descrierile pot fi modificate fără preaviz de către producător.