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  • Cod produs: C886VA-K9
  • Grupă: Routere Hardware
  • Producător: Cisco
  • Aparut din: 20.04.2015
  • Garanție: Maxim 5 ani

Cisco C886VA-K9

Router Hardware Cisco C886, 10,100 Mbit/s, 10/100Base-T(X), ADSL (RJ-11), ADSL2+, G.922.3, G.992.1, G.992.3, G.992.5, G.993.2, G.994.1, IEEE 802.1D,IEEE 802.1Q,IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3ah,IEEE 802.3u

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Descriere furnizor


Descriere Cisco C886VA-K9

Cisco C886. Ethernet LAN rată de transfer de date: 10,100 Mbit/s, Tehnologia cablării: 10/100Base-T(X). Port WAN: ADSL (RJ-11). Conexiune xDSL: ADSL2+, Caietul de sarcini DSL: G.922.3, G.992.1, G.992.3, G.992.5, G.993.2, G.994.1. Reţea standard: IEEE 802.1D,IEEE 802.1Q,IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3ah,IEEE 802.3u, Numărul de utilizatori: 20 user(s). Trecerea de protocol: MDI, MDX, Routing de protocol: BGP,EIGRP,HSRP,OSPF,RIP-1,RIP-2, Protocoale întreţinere: SNMPv3, SSH, CLI, HTTP, Telnet

Cisco 880 Series Integrated Services RoutersThe Cisco® 880 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) combine Internet access, security, voice, and wireless services onto a single, secure device that is simple to use and manage for small businesses and enterprise small branch offices and teleworkers. The Cisco 880 Series delivers features including firewall, content filtering, VPNs, and wireless LANs (WLANs) at broadband speeds to small offices. Easy deployment and centralized management features enable enterprises or service providers to deploy the Cisco 880 Series in small branch offices or small businesses.Cisco 880 Series Integrated Services Routers are fixed-configuration routers that provide collaborative business solutions for secure voice and data communication to small businesses and enterprise teleworkers. They offer concurrent broadband services over third-generation (3G), Metro Ethernet, and multiple DSL technologies to provide business continuity. Wireless 802.11n and 3G offer LAN and WAN mobility. The routers provide the performance required for concurrent services, including firewall, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and encryption for VPNs; optional 802.11g/n for mobility; and quality-of-service (QoS) features for optimizing voice and video applications. In addition, the web-based Cisco Configuration Professional configuration tool simplifies setup and deployment. Centralized management capabilities give network managers visibility and control of the network configurations at the remote site.Cisco 880 Series Integrated Services Routers offer:- High performance for broadband access in small offices and small branch-office and teleworker sites;- Collaborative services with secure analog, digital voice, and data communication;- Business continuity and WAN diversity with redundant WAN links: Fast Ethernet, Multimode G.SHDSL (Ethernet in the First Mile [EFM] and ATM), Multimode DSL (very-high-data-rate DSL 2 [VDSL2] and asymmetric DSL 2 and 2+ [ADSL2 and ADSL2+, respectively]), 3G, and ISDN.Voice-enabling features:- Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (5 user), which offers innovative key system and small private-branch-exchange (PBX) capabilities for small and medium-sized business customers;- Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) voice continuity for enterprise small branch-office and teleworker sites;- Cisco Unified Border Element (Cisco UBE) IP-IP voice gateway functions for connecting to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking services as a replacement for Primary Rate Interface (PRI) or foreign-exchange-office (FXO) voice connectivity to the service provider. Note: Cisco Unified Border Element support for the Cisco 880 Series has feature limitations as compared to the Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2) Routers.Enhanced security, including:- Firewall with advance application and control for email, Instant Messaging (IM), and HTTP traffic;- Site-to-site remote-access and dynamic VPN services: IP Security (IPsec) VPNs (Triple Data Encryption Standard [3DES] or Advanced Encryption Standard [AES]), Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), Group Encrypted Transport VPN with onboard acceleration, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN;- Intrusion prevention system (IPS): An inline, deep-packet inspection feature that effectively mitigates a wide range of network attacks;- Content filtering: A subscription-based integrated security solution that offers category-based reputation rating; keyword blocking; and protection against adware, malware, spyware, and Uniform Resource Locator (URL) blocking.- Four-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet managed switch with VLAN support; two ports support Power over Ethernet (PoE) for powering IP phones or external access points;- Secure 802.11g/n access-point option based on draft 802.11n standard with support for autonomous or Cisco Unified WLAN architectures;- Newer Cisco 880 Series, which are fanless, providing a quiet, comfortable working environment in small offices;- CON/AUX port for console or external modem;- One USB 1.1 port for security eToken credentials, booting from USB, and loading configuration;- Easy setup, deployment, and remote-management capabilities through web-based tools and Cisco IOS® Software.The Cisco 880 Series is ideal for small branch offices and teleworkers who need to be connected to larger enterprise networks as well as small businesses for either voice or data applications. These routers help extend corporate networks to secure remote sites while giving users access to the same applications found in a corporate office. When users require WLAN access, visibility and control of network security are even more critical at the remote site. The Cisco 880 Series meets this need with a single device that combines integrated 802.11g/n capabilities with security features such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), including authentication with IEEE 802.1x with Cisco Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP) and Protected EAP (PEAP) and encryption with WPA Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP). (Refer to the wireless solution overview and security data sheet for more information.) The Cisco 880 Series models that include the integrated access point can use either autonomous or Cisco Unified WLAN modes. In Cisco Unified WLAN mode, as part of an enterprise WLAN architecture, all WLAN functions are centrally managed through Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers and the Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS).Service providers and value-added resellers can take advantage of the Cisco 880 Series to provide a true business-class broadband service. Business customers are using broadband access to connect to the Internet or to connect offices together, and they require a platform that incorporates voice and security without sacrificing performance. The Cisco 881V and Cisco 887VA-V voice routers offer industry-leading voice gateway capability with the ability enable Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express or SRST as required. Many of these customers are connecting computers in offices through WLANs; having a single device for both WAN and WLAN access provides a new option for managed services. These customers also require a higher level of support to keep their networks operational. Services with these customers should be simple to set up, while allowing a level of remote management and troubleshooting to address support inquiries quickly. The Cisco 880 Series meets the requirements of small offices and managed services providers.The Cisco 880 Series is ideally suited for deployment in a small office or in a small office that is part of a large network, most often with a secure VPN connection. These types of offices can include the following:- Small remote office: The Cisco 880 Series can connect users in a small remote office, such as an insurance, lawyer, or sales office. When connecting to the main office, VPN encryption and integrated security such as firewall and intrusion prevention protect the network at the perimeter. The Cisco 880 with the Cisco Unified Border Element Series can also support connection to SIP trunking voice-over-IP (VoIP) services the service provider offers. Additionally, IT managers can centrally manage the remote site to quickly troubleshoot any network problems. For added reliability, customers can also use the integrated 3G or ISDN backup or connect through an external modem if the primary broadband link fails. Integrated secure unified WLAN connectivity simplifies the deployment and management devices at the remote site. Redundant WAN links offer business continuity, enabling nondisruptive business operation.- Virtual office: The Cisco 880 Series is ideal for corporate teleworkers who have a mix of broadband connection types such as DSL, 3G, and Metro Ethernet. The Cisco 880 Voice Gateway and SRST Series provides a secure virtual office with all the collaborative services such as data, voice, and fax services. SRST helps ensure voice services are operational in case of WAN link failure, and redundant WAN links help ensure business continuity. QoS features in the Cisco 880 Series allow for connection of an IP or analog phone to the router, giving voice traffic precedence over data applications. Integrated WLAN support in the Cisco 880 Series helps ensure that if wireless connectivity is used it is secure.- Remote call-center agent: Similar to teleworking applications, this solution extends the Cisco IP Contact Center solution for telephone call-center agents to remote sites. With a high-quality, secure connection through the Cisco 880 Series, call-center agents can be dispersed away from costly call-center facilities while maintaining secure and productive voice and data access in their homes. SRST and business-continuity solutions in the Cisco 880 Series provide reliability and continuous business operation. Alternatively, the remote call-center agent can be provided with SIP trunking service with service demarcation provided by Cisco Unified Border Element features, and the central call center can forward calls to the remote call-center agent through the remote-office SIP trunk.- Retail VPN: Retail stores migrating from dialup connections for point-of-sale transactions can use the Cisco 880 Series to take advantage of low-cost broadband access with the required security to comply with payment-card-industry (PCI) and other data security requirements. They can then add multiple devices and applications to the store network to take advantage of the increased bandwidth and also incorporate optional WLAN support to enable secure mobility and enhance productivity.- Managed services: Service providers and value-added resellers can use the Cisco 880 Series as a platform to offer differentiated business-class security, voice, and WLAN services for small business customers. With built-in analog and digital voice ports and the ability to upgrade to a five-user Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express IP PBX, service providers can now offer all the Cisco Unified Communications benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. The SIP trunking connectivity features of the Cisco 880 with the Cisco Unified Border Element Series Router can provide the high-quality VoIP service needed through the service provider cloud.

Specificații tehnice Cisco C886VA-K9

Port WAN ADSL (RJ-11)
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) cantitatea de porturi 4
Număr de porturi USB 1
Versiune USB 1.1
Calitatea porturilor RJ-11 1
Greutate 2,5 kilograme
Lărgime 325 milimetri
Adâncime 249 milimetri
Înălţime 48 milimetri
Tip de sursă de curent AC
Tensiune AC intrare 100-240 V
Frecvență de intrare AC 50/60 Hz
Tensiune de ieşire 12 V
Sursa de alimentare 60 W
Interval de temperatură de funcţionare (T-T) 0 - 40 °C
Intervalul de temperatură pentru depozitare -20 - 65 °C
Interval relativ operaţional de umiditate 10 - 85%
Gama de stocare umiditate relativă 5 - 95%
Altitudinea de operare 0 - 3000 m
Altitudinea de ne-operabilitate 0 - 4570 m
Client DHCP Da
Server DHCP Da
Trecerea de protocol MDI, MDX
Routing de protocol BGP,EIGRP,HSRP,OSPF,RIP-1,RIP-2
Protocoale întreţinere SNMPv3, SSH, CLI, HTTP, Telnet
Protocoale de reţea acceptate IPv4, IPv6, FTP, L2TP, GRE, DNS, PPPoA, PPPoE, VRRP, MHSRP
Reţea standard IEEE 802.1D,IEEE 802.1Q,IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3ah,IEEE 802.3u
Numărul de utilizatori 20 user(s)
Suportă conexiune ISDN Da
Auto MDI / MDI-X Da
Traducere adresă de rețea (NAT) Da
Firewall Da
Algoritmul de securitate suportat 3DES,128-bit WEP,256-bit AES,802.1x RADIUS,AES,DES,HTTPS,SSL/TLS
Filtrarea adresei MAC Da
De securitate Firewall NAT
VPN cantitatea de tuneluri 20
Sistemul de jurnalul de evenimente Da
Filtrare URL Da
Adresa IP de filtrare Da
Conexiune xDSL ADSL2+
Caietul de sarcini DSL G.922.3, G.992.1, G.992.3, G.992.5, G.993.2, G.994.1
Gestionare pe baza de Web Da
Butonul Reset Da
Acceptate Quality of Service (QoS) Da
Ethernet / conexiune LAN Da
Ethernet LAN rată de transfer de date 10,100 Mbit/s
Tehnologia cablării 10/100Base-T(X)
Adaptor AC legat Da
Manualul Da
Culoarea produsului Negru
Indicatori LED-uri Da
Comutator pornit / oprit Da
Memorie volatilă 256 Mega bites

* Specificațiile tehnice si descrierile pot fi modificate fără preaviz de către producător.